How to build a supercomputer with an Arduino, a Raspberry Pi, and an Arduino Mega 10c – by the numbers

The Arduino Mega is the world’s most popular microcontroller and has been around since the early 1990s.Its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi Model B, was a very successful product that allowed for inexpensive development of small, high-powered digital electronics.The Arduino’s success is largely attributable to its use of small-form-factor microcontrollers, which allow the developer to build […]

How to Make a $3.5 Million Wood Project Charter in 16 Hours

A group of volunteers have made a charter for a $35 million wood project in North Carolina.The project is set to be completed in just 16 hours.The wood was salvaged from the North Carolina River, and it is being treated as a heritage resource.The group is asking for $2,500 for the charter and the $100 […]