Project management software to help wood project managers keep track of their projects

By Scott J. Miller,Associated PressWood project managers can use software to keep track and manage their wood project projects, according to a software tool designed to help them do just that.

The software, called WoodTrack, was developed by an Oregon-based company called E-Wood, and is part of a growing trend among wood project owners and managers to manage their projects in more traditional ways.

“The idea is to provide a centralized management solution for projects that require high level visibility, high visibility and high visibility at scale,” said Craig Stolzenberg, E-WOOD’s president and chief executive.

Stolzenberger said the software is designed to work in concert with existing project management systems and can be used by anyone.

The company is now looking to expand to the rest of the country.

WoodTrack is designed for project managers and project owners in a variety of industries.

The software will be available on E-wood’s website in the coming months, but Stolberg said he did not have an exact date.

“It’s a very high level solution for wood project management.

There’s a lot of different areas that we need to look at to see what kind of applications are best suited for this kind of project,” Stolzner said.”

We think that it’s really important to keep a project manager’s attention on the project at all times.

If they’re not, they’ll miss some important information.”

For example, it’s important to know what’s happening with the project, whether the project manager is meeting with stakeholders or is simply trying to keep the project in good shape.

The more stakeholders the project has, the more likely the project will come to a successful conclusion.

The WoodTrack software can also be used for any type of project.

Stolenberg said that for woodworking projects, there’s a significant amount of data that needs to be collected, but that’s not a problem for woodworkers, who will be able to access this data from their phones or computers.

“For the project management of an industrial facility, the data is not really readily available,” he said.

“You have to have a system where it can be easily accessible to everyone.”

The software can be downloaded from E-woods website.

It’s available in Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android versions.

It is also available in free and paid versions.

The free version of the software offers a number of useful features, including project tracking, the ability to add projects to a spreadsheet and a list of important project information that can be accessed from a phone or computer.

Stulzenberger told The Associated Press he thinks the software can provide a valuable resource for project management teams and project managers.

“They can be very hands on, they can be engaged, they will be very helpful,” he told the AP.

“I think it’s a good thing.”

For more news from Oregon, check out the AP’s Oregon Bureau of Transportation Facebook page.

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