How to make Lincoln Project project founders a better turnout effort

Project Beacon founder and former Republican National Committee chairman Lee Atwater and former vice presidential candidate Dan Quayle have joined a group called Progress Vets to make the former two senior members of the RNC more engaged in grassroots organizing.

Atwater, a former White House aide and political consultant, is working on the group, which is aimed at encouraging Democrats to run in the 2018 midterm elections.

Quayles former campaign manager, Dan Malloy, is also on the project.

The group, launched in April, is seeking to mobilize people who aren’t registered to vote and get them to turn out to the polls, according to its website.

The goal is to bring a much-needed level of engagement to the electoral process.

“This is not a partisan issue,” said Atwater in a statement.

“It is an issue of American values, of democracy and our ability to elect the president that we all deserve.”

The group is working to mobilize more voters, as well as to boost turnout, by recruiting the right people, Atwater said in a video released Tuesday by the group.

It is hoping to attract 100,000 people to a weekend rally at the Lincoln Memorial, a city park in Washington.

The Lincoln Project, founded in 2004, is the only group that has raised the $25 million needed to get on the ballot in all 50 states.

The group also has helped to elect Democratic governors in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as a group of candidates for governor in those states.