Bowl projections: Who’s going to make the playoffs?

The NFL season is just over two weeks away, and all eyes are on the postseason.

However, as we look ahead to the season, which could potentially be the first of many to come in the coming years, we are going to have to start with a bunch of numbers.

According to Football Outsiders, there are five playoff teams that are expected to be in the hunt for a playoff spot: Arizona, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Green Bay, and Pittsburgh.

With the AFC East already filled, the AFC North and NFC East are not in play as well, with just one team in the division that could have a shot at making the postseason: the New York Jets.

According the projections of ESPN’s Football Power Index, the Jets have a chance to make it to the playoffs, but it is by a very slim margin.

They are projected to finish 8-8.

The other team that could be in for a tough time in the postseason is the Philadelphia Eagles, who are expected in the bottom half of the AFC playoff picture.

As we can see from the above, the NFL has an extremely tight playoff picture and we could see a number of teams struggle with a playoff berth in the future.

There are three teams that could potentially make the postseason in 2018: the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Giants, and the Houston Texans.

The Jaguars and Giants are in the same position as the Jaguars and Texans, both with a 9-7 record.

This means that the only other team in contention for a Wild Card spot is the Buffalo Bills, who could easily make the Super Bowl this year.

The Giants are also in a similar situation to the Jaguars, with a 7-9 record, but that’s because they are tied for the division lead with the Baltimore Ravens, which is also a winless team.

However the Baltimore Colts are in a much better position, and would likely be the favorites to win the division with a 6-9 mark.

The Texans are in much better shape, and are projected in the top half of both the AFC and NFC playoff picture, with only one team with a chance of making the playoffs.

We are still not sure how many teams are going, but there is a good chance that there are at least four teams in contention to make a playoff appearance.

With a few teams in the mix, the rest of the teams could be pretty much locked down.

We should keep an eye on the playoff picture as we head into the new year, and keep an ear out for any updates that come out of the NFL.