How to be a little word: How to teach children to be little word creators

“You’ve got to have the right words,” the mother of two told The Associated Press in an interview.

“They are the little words.”

Little words are short phrases that can be spoken or written in the past tense, in a way that makes them more expressive than more formal words.

But the word “little” isn’t a well-known part of the English language, and little words aren’t usually written down.

The mother said she had taught her children to make them by hand.

They’re supposed to be “little”, she said.

She’s also taught them to use an alphabet of words, which she says makes it easier for them to make up words from scratch.

The words she uses are from a list of 100 or so words that she collected in her home over the past two years.

She doesn’t usually use them in class, but said she wanted to share them because she wants to help her kids learn how to write.

She also hopes her efforts will help her children in the future, but doesn’t want them to be overwhelmed by the number of words she has to teach them.

She has a son named Luke, 12, and a daughter named Emily, 10.

Her children don’t speak English and have trouble learning English.