“Nizi Project” is not a real game, developer says

The game is not actually a game, according to the developer behind the NiziProject project.

In a post on Medium, The Verge’s James Poniewozik reports that the game, which is still in beta, was “just a placeholder for the game’s actual release.”

The game has been in development since at least October.

Poniewosik also notes that the project’s “official Twitter account is the NIZI project, and not Nizitab, the company that made the game.”

The project’s official website states that the Nizzitab team was created to “explore the possibilities of a multiplayer online game for players to explore and interact with one another and with each other.”

The Nizikov project website is also currently empty, though the developer has confirmed that the site is still working and that the team is “still working to bring the game to life.”