Why are you not building a Chrome extension?

By now, you should be well aware that Chrome extensions are a huge thing these days, and not just for Chrome OS.

They are built for developers, with a number of useful features and extensions like Chrome Web Store, Web Inspector, WebExtensions, WebViews, Chrome DevTools and a number more.

This article is about how to get started building a chrome extension, and it’s not going to be a tutorial.

It’s going to cover all the essential things to know when building an extension, from getting it working, to getting it to the point where you can deploy it. 

Read more Read more In this article, we’re going to focus on building a simple extension that displays a simple URL in a popup dialog.

The first thing you’ll need to do is grab the Chrome Dev Tools, and go to Extensions > Extensions > Scripts and select the “Chrome DevTools Script” extension.

From here, you can add all the scripts you want.

Here are some sample scripts that I’ve included: One of the things I like about extensions is that you can quickly add functionality to them.

If you’re not using the Chrome Developer Tools, you’ll find a number in the Developer Tools window.

This window shows you all the available scripts you have, and you can then add them to the Extensions list by clicking the Add to Extensions button at the top right of the window.

We’re going be using the same script here, so we’ll simply paste it into the dialog, click Add, and then paste it to our extension.

Let’s create the extension, now.

Create the Extension We’ll start with creating the extension.

Open up Chrome Devtools.

Open the Extensions window by clicking on Extensions and then clicking Add.

From the Extensions menu, select the Scripts tab.

Under Scripts, click New.

You’ll see a list of all the extensions in Chrome, but this time, I’ll just use Chrome Dev tools.

Click New Script to add a new script to the list.

Click Next.

Click OK to create the new script.

You can create a new extension in Chrome Dev, but the first time you click Create, you’re prompted to create a user account for Chrome.

Once you’ve created an account, click the Next button to enter your username and password, and click Next again to create an account.

Once the extension is created, you need to log in to the extension to make changes.

In the top left, you will see a new button for your user account.

Click it to get to the User account page.

On this page, click your extension’s username and then click Add.

Add a new user account to your extension.

Name your new account user.

Now that your user is created in the extension’s settings, you’ve got to add the extension script to your script list.

Next, click on the Script page to add your script.

Next you’ll see the name of the script, which is now user.script, in the Script field.

You have to fill in the user.username and user.password fields.

Add the script by clicking Add, then clicking Next, then click Done.

Now you have a new Chrome extension that you’ll be able to deploy and run.

Now, you might want to use this extension in addition to any other extension you want to build.

If not, you don’t have to worry about the fact that you’re building an Chrome extension at the same time, because the extension you are adding to the Chrome developer tools will be automatically added to the Developer tools. 

So, there you have it.

Now when you build your extension, you get a simple Chrome dialog with a URL that displays the current date and time.

This extension has some useful features, like a Google Maps button, Google Reader integration, and more.

It might not be as useful as a Chrome Extension, but it will make your life easier and allow you to deploy extensions that you’ve already built for other platforms. 

If you want more information about how Chrome extensions work, you could check out our How to Build Extensions guide. 

Have you built an extension?

Let us know in the comments below!

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