When your favorite ad campaign is an ad for 3D printing technology, you can be sure it’s a great fit for Lincoln Project ad campaign

The Lincoln Project has partnered with 3D printer manufacturer D3, a 3D design company, to put up ads for the new Lincoln car that will be on display in New York City’s Times Square this week.3D printers are a growing industry that is slowly moving towards mass production of all sorts of things, from toys to furniture.

They’re also a good way to build up prototypes for something.

And in this case, 3D printers can also be used to build a 3d model of an actual automobile.

The ads will feature an advertisement for the Lincoln project.

The ad will feature a 3-D printed model of the car, with the words “Lincoln Project.”

The 3D model will have the same body as the actual car.

The ad will be part of a campaign called “The Next Lincoln,” which will be launching in New Orleans this week on the Times Square subway and subway station.

This week’s campaign will focus on the future of transportation, including the future development of a 3.5D printer that could help make the automobile of the future.

“It is our mission to make the world a better place by creating a more connected, connected society, and 3D printable technology is a key component to achieving this vision,” the company said in a statement.

“We look forward to showing the next generation of drivers how we can bring a new dimension of mobility to our streets and our communities.”

The company is also touting that it is “the only 3D-printed car on the market that will offer the benefits of a fully functional, all-wheel drive sedan,” but it’s not clear how much of a benefit 3D printed cars will offer.

It is still unclear what kinds of 3D prints will be used in the Lincoln Project ads, but the company says the ads will be “made from 100% recycled materials.”