How to prevent the spread of coronavirus in your home

A few simple precautions can help protect your home from the spread and spread of a coronaviruses deadly coronaviral pandemic.

Here are the top tips to keep your home safe from the deadly coronovirus.1.

Know your house and how to protect yourself1.

Don’t leave children unattended at home.

It’s a very dangerous place for children.

If you leave your child alone, he or she may not be fully protected from the virus.2.

Check for symptoms and stay indoors.

Symptoms of the coronavira include fever, cough, sore throat, sore eyes, sore or swollen nose, and red or painful eyes.3.

Take a fever test every two weeks and contact your health care provider if you notice a rise in your temperature or a change in your symptoms.4.

Make sure you wear masks and keep pets on a leash and on a per diem.5.

Wear gloves and a face shield when you’re inside your home.


Use a dust mask if you’re outdoors.

You can also apply a chemical mask if the symptoms of a serious coronavirovirus outbreak are severe.7.

Wear face masks if you have respiratory symptoms or you think your symptoms are worsening.8.

Get your emergency kit ready for emergencies.

It includes a kit containing essential medications, a breathing mask, mouthguard, and personal protective equipment.9.

If your home is contaminated with water, flush it immediately and clean it.

If the water is contaminated, use a clean sponge or a water filter to clean the water.10.

If there are any symptoms of illness in your child, contact your local health department immediately.11.

If someone you know has any of these symptoms, seek immediate medical attention.12.

Know where you can get more information on how to prevent coronavire.13.

Know how to report an outbreak and help fight the coronaval virus.14.

Stay informed about the coronoviruses impact on the environment and the world.

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