Why the Phoenix Project has been in limbo for five years

A project that started in 2009 to bring software to the Phoenix metropolitan area has been stuck in limbo since 2012.

The Phoenix Project’s website says it’s “in need of a new name,” and its Twitter account says the project is no longer available to help fund its “operations and maintenance.”

Project Phoenix was originally founded in 2015 by the Phoenix-based startup software company Omni Group, which now owns Omni Project, a Phoenix-area software company that was part of the Omni Group’s $2.3-billion acquisition by Oracle in 2016.

Omni Project was one of four startups acquired by Oracle and was renamed Oracle Enterprise.

Project Phoenix is still registered with Omni Project and has its website and Twitter account updated.

The project’s website still features a message from the Omni Project team saying it’s still “working to get a name and an update on our organization.”

In a written statement, Omni Project said the project has been inactive since February.

“Our team has been busy with other projects at Omni Project.

However, we can confirm that Omni Project is no more and is no where near its original name,” the statement said.

“We have not heard from Omni Project since Feb. 2.”

The project has not been able to fund operations and maintenance because Omni Project has not paid taxes on the money it’s been collecting since 2013.

A spokeswoman for Phoenix-Tucson International Airport, which owns the airport, said Omni Project will have to pay the airport’s tax bill for at least two years.

In a statement, the Phoenix Airport Authority said the Phoenix Phoenix Partnership was in discussions with Omni Group and Omni Project to move the project forward.

“It is our hope that the partnership will reach a successful resolution to the matter,” the airport said.

The airport said Omni Projects efforts to get the project started were “not fruitful,” and that the Phoenix project has remained dormant.

It said it was “under investigation by the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADA) and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office for tax issues related to the project.”

The Phoenix airport said the airport is committed to working with Omni to move forward on the project.

“The airport is focused on moving forward on Omni Project’s operations and is committed in working with all stakeholders to make sure Omni Project can get back to business as usual,” the Phoenix airport added.

Omni Group is now the owner of a company called Omnix Group.

It’s unclear what Omni Project plans to do with the Omni project.

Omni’s Twitter account said the Omni group will continue to provide support to the OmniProject team.

The Omni Project Facebook page says the Phoenix office is working to determine what Omni Group will do with OmniProject.

The Facebook page for Omni Project says Omni Project does not plan to make any public announcements or give any interviews on the matter.

In an interview with CBC News last year, Omni Group CEO David D’Angelo said the company’s current status is not in jeopardy because Omni Group has a good relationship with the Phoenix Office of the Attorney General and Phoenix’s city council.

“They’ve been very supportive, very supportive,” D’Angelis said.

Omni project is one of three Phoenix-owned projects that the city has purchased in the past three years.

The others are the Phoenix Convention Centre, the National Convention Center and the downtown Phoenix Convention Center.

The three Phoenix projects are all on the Phoenix International Airport’s list of priority projects.