A commercial for a ‘hummingbirds’ project at Lincoln Park, Melbourne

The National Trust has revealed that a commercial for the hummingbird project at a Melbourne park will feature an electric hummer and a small vehicle to drive it.

The Lincoln Project will run for the duration of the park’s life, with a view to its eventual development as a “hub” for the community.

“The Lincoln Project is the latest in a series of commercial projects the National Trust is running across Melbourne and the world,” said National Trust Executive Director and CEO Tim Clark.

“We’re looking forward to showcasing the project to our visitors and members of the public and to inspiring the community.”

The project will feature a commercial-grade electric hummus, a hummingbird and a vehicle, as well as a specialised LED display for each visitor.

A “honey pot” with an ice bucket and a water-filled jar will be located in the centre of the space.

The hummus and hummingbird will be driven by a car and a special electric humming machine, with the vehicle’s motor powering the car’s front wheel.

The vehicle will be able to go from one end of the project site to the other in the park, and the car will be connected to a water hose for the water to be used to irrigate the hummingbirds and the surrounding landscape.

The project was launched in January 2016.

A $50,000 grant will be available for the next year to develop the project.

The National Park Trust said the project would help the city to “strengthen the relationship between people and nature”, and “reassure park visitors of the benefits of visiting and enjoying the park”.

“The National Trust wants to see the Lincoln Project continue for many years to come,” it said.

“Its an exciting project for the future of the Lincoln Park National Park and the nearby CBD, and we are excited to be working with the Victorian Government and local councils to bring it to life.”