The ‘Astral Projection’ project paper clip

A new video clip of a NASA astral projection paper clip is going viral.

The clip shows a paper clip, or a piece of paper with an outline of a person’s head, being projected onto a virtual space.

The paper clip moves in real time, showing the outline of the head in real-time, and can be viewed in realtime on the video by a viewer.

The project paper clips are part of NASA’s Astral Projections, which are being tested in space for the first time.

This video clip is part of a collaboration between the Planetary Society and NASA.

The Planetary Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to exploring the solar system and planetary formation.

The Astral projection project paper Clip is a project from NASA’s Planetary Sciences Division.

It is a video clip that depicts a person in a space suit walking around the Astral project paper clipping in real space.

It’s a project that NASA hopes will help inspire people to take up the challenge of creating a real-life space project paper.

This project paper has a unique feature: it’s projected on the ground, instead of on a computer screen, and has a transparent cover.

It also has a small hole in it, to help astronauts navigate the project paper as they walk through the paper clip.

The video clip has been viewed nearly 30 million times on YouTube and it has been shared more than 25,000 times on Facebook.

“The project paper is one of many NASA projects that are using the same technology for space missions,” said James R. Peebles, executive director of NASA Astrophysics, in a statement.

“Astral projection is the next step in NASA’s long-term effort to explore our universe, including our own.”

The Astronaut on the Moon paper clip was developed by the Planetary Science Division and NASA’s Space Science Division in cooperation with the Space Shuttle Program.

The Space Shuttle program has been flying the Astronauts on the moon since 1969, and NASA is developing new technology for future space missions.

In 2015, NASA will launch the Astro-SPACE-CFT, a robotic rover that will explore the surface of the moon.

The robotic rover is expected to reach the surface in 2021.