How to watch NFL playoff games without having to buy tickets?

The NFL’s playoff schedule is shaping up to be an interesting one for fans and ticket-buying companies.

Here are five things to know.


All 16 games will be played this year and will be televised live on NBC.

This will be the first time the league will have 16 playoff games to choose from.

Two of the games are on the road and the other two are in markets that will have their home games in the city where they will be broadcast.

That means all four games will come from cities with a strong market share.


The NFL is set to expand the regular season to 20 weeks and will play a pair of divisional games in each of the first two weeks of the season.

The Giants, Falcons and Steelers will play the AFC North, which includes the Patriots, Dolphins, Chiefs, Bengals and Steelers.

The Browns will play in the NFC East, which is dominated by the Eagles, Rams and Titans.


The regular season will last three weeks, ending with a wild-card round.

The Cowboys will play at home and the Redskins will play away.

The Patriots, Raiders and Bengals will play home games.


The league will be hosting two preseason games and a preseason game between the Packers and Steelers in 2017.

The Falcons will play against the 49ers in 2017, and the Colts will play host to the 49er in 2018.


The first playoff game will be on January 13 in Seattle.

There will be one other playoff game in 2017: the Vikings-Seahawks matchup on January 25 in Minneapolis.

The two playoff games will air on NBC, which will broadcast the first and second halves of the game, and ABC, which broadcast the third quarter.

All 32 teams will televise the first six games of the regular-season.

The rest of the broadcast schedule will be available on NBC Sports Network and ESPN.

Here’s what you need to know about the playoff schedule.1.

The postseason will be divided into two divisions.

The AFC will play 12 teams from the AFC South, with the AFC West in a 12-team division.

The NFC will play four teams from NFC North and the NFC West will play two teams from Division I. The West Division will be split into four teams, with each division having four teams.2.

The divisional playoff format will be 12 teams with three Wild Card spots, two Conference championship spots and two Super Bowl appearances.

The wild-cards will be determined by the strength of conference record, but the top two seeds in each conference will play each other in the wild-ride.

The conference championship games will take place in January and February.3.

There are 16 teams in each division.

Each team will play twice, with a bye week.

Playoff matchups are determined by two wild-roster teams playing each other twice.4.

There is no conference championship, but each team will get one bye week in the regular Season and one bye day in the playoffs.5.

Each game will air live on the NFL Network, NBC Sports Live Extra and the NFL GamePass.

NFL Network will be streaming all of the playoff games for free.

Here’s a look at what the playoff schedules look like in each league:The schedule is expected to have an average audience of 4.4 million people per game and will air a total of 17 games this season.

Here is the full NFL schedule for the 2017 season:

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