“Wounded Warrior Project” is on track to make $1.8 billion in 2018, analyst says

By JEFFREY FAGAN, Associated Press WriterThe project, named “Wounding Warrior Project,” has been hailed as the largest ever investment in free thought and its first significant commercial success.

The nonprofit organization behind the project said Thursday it plans to raise $1 billion in its first two years to support the research and development and launch a national nonprofit foundation.

The news comes amid a global trend of making a significant investment in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) projects.

The $1-billion “Walking Revolution,” an initiative that focuses on the advancement of prosthetic limbs, is the biggest one-year fundraising effort in history.

The U.S. has raised more than $6.6 billion, according to data compiled by the nonprofit, and it has attracted more than a billion dollars in pledges since launching in 2014.

Its founder, Robert Alberts, is a former executive director at a biotech company who became a venture capitalist after graduating from Harvard Business School.

The group says the $1 million goal is the largest yet, and the $10 million goal will be followed by $50 million in seed and $100 million in corporate support, according of its website.

The group is currently seeking more than 3,500 donors.

Wounded warrior, which means wounded warrior, is an acronym for “wounded warriors.”

Its aim is to bring about lasting change in the lives of people who have lost their arms and legs to combat, according the group.

Its website states that it is focused on improving the quality of life for injured warriors and their families.

The project is a collaboration between the nonprofit and the University of Texas, where the University’s Center for Rehabilitation Engineering & Innovation, known as the ARES, is located.

The ARES has provided more than 2,500 medical and prosthetic prosthetics for injured soldiers and their relatives, the group says.

The organization says it has raised nearly $6 million in grants, including $500,000 from a grant from the George Soros Fund.

Wounding Warriors is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help wounded warriors return to a normal life and lead normal lives by providing them with quality, affordable prosthetics and other life-enhancing technology.

Development Is Supported By

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