Goggles project, a wearable light-emitting diode, launches on Kickstarter

Goggles, a project that aims to replace the light-blocking fog in your eyes with a light-powered diode that can emit light, is now crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

The $1,500 project has raised over $50,000 from 17,000 people so far.

It’s all based on a concept from a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, known as “Gloomforge”.

“GloomForge is an LED light-activated diode based on an existing 3D-printed LED, but with LEDs that glow,” it said on its Kickstarter page.

“Our objective was to design a new LED-based device with an integrated LED that is designed to produce high-performance light that is capable of generating meaningful light.”

The device, which is designed for use in consumer products and devices, will be able to emit light with “substantial light transmission and an optimal efficiency”.

“The glo-mesh is flexible and can be easily adjusted for different uses,” it added.

“The device is lightweight, and does not require any external support.”

The design uses a thin layer of silicone to “reflect” light, and a single layer of glass on the back of the device will allow the light to be directed through the silicone.

“We wanted to develop a wearable, low-cost LED diode,” said lead developer and professor of materials science at the university, Matthew Meehan.

“But in order to achieve this goal, we had to start from scratch.”

He added that his team’s main challenge was to find a suitable semiconductor for the device.

“In order to make the LED, we used graphene nanowires.

This is a material that is very flexible and is not prone to cracking, as graphene is.”

The LED-powered fogglobe will be made of glass that glows in the dark.

“This is one of the reasons why it is so effective,” he said.

“Glass is very good for producing light because it absorbs light, thus keeping the LEDs cool.”

A similar device has been demonstrated in the US, where the company has created a version of the Fogglow.

“With the Gloomforge, we can create a device that uses graphene nanotubes,” Meegan said.

“This allows us to control the thickness of the glass layer and also make it very strong.”

The company’s next project, called a “smart fogglow” will also use graphene nanocubes.

The team said it hoped to produce a light source that was 100% efficient, and would be a great tool for everyday use.

“You’ll be able take your phone and you can turn it into a light bulb,” Mees said.

But for now, the project’s focus is on funding a first-order prototype that would allow the team to make an initial run of prototypes, before making a final version.

“One of the main goals of the project is to provide affordable LED light to the masses.

But what we’re trying to achieve is a device for the masses that is cheap enough to give people a chance to try out,” MEE said.

“We want to start small, but hopefully we can grow this project into a full-fledged company.”

The project’s backers include a range of businesses including tech giants Intel and Hewlett-Packard.

Goggles is currently aiming to raise $1.5m in its first week of fundraising.

Development Is Supported By

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