When the World Is Not Yours, But Yours is Now, The Project XCloud Project Is Officially Live!

Google announced the official name of the Xcloud project, Project Xcloud, and the official project website, XcloudProject.com, today.

“Today is the launch of Xcloud Project X. This is the project that brings together the world’s best researchers, designers, and coders to create a new computing platform,” Google wrote on the project’s official website.

“It’s a project with a long history and an exciting future.

Xcloud is going to be the next big thing in virtual reality.”

Project Xcloud aims to create an open source computing platform that will bring together the research and development teams of Google, the companies hardware and software divisions, and more.

The Xcloud team announced the launch last year, but it took until now to fully announce the platform.

Google said in the announcement today that the XCloud team will be able to begin working on the platform in January, which is on top of the company’s existing work on the Android operating system.

Google announced Project X on March 31, 2018.

Project X was initially announced in 2015, but the X cloud project was officially launched in 2018.

Google released Project X last year and said it was focused on a “mobile-first” computing platform.

It’s possible that Project X Cloud will be available for a long time to come.

Google also announced a new Google Cardboard VR headset earlier this year, which was the first time Google has built a headset for VR.

Google Cardboard, a $99 Google CardBoard-powered VR headset, was announced in 2018 and is the first major virtual reality headset.

Google has not announced a timeline for the launch or a pricing plan for Project X, but Google has said it plans to make VR headsets available to developers at launch.

The VR headset has been on the market for several months, and Google has been selling the headsets as well as other VR-related hardware for years.