When the undoing of the Rs 64,000 crore Sardar Sarovar Dam project begins: ‘Our project will go forward’

As a result of the cancellation of the Sardar Srinagar dam project by the Centre, the project is now on hold until the state government decides on whether it can pay the amount it has agreed to.

The state government has so far failed to make the payments it had promised to pay to the federal government to finance the project, leading to the cancellation.

However, it has promised to return the money within two weeks, saying the project will be completed.

“The government will pay Rs 64 lakh crore.

Our project will move forward,” said a senior official, who did not want to be identified.

However the Union Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) has said that the state has to make a payment within two days.

The MoWR has said the project has to be finished within two months, if the project was to go ahead.

In June, the state had agreed to pay Rs 63.50 lakh crore to the Centre for the dam project.

But the Centre said it could not fulfil the payment due to the situation in the country.

The Centre has not given an exact figure for the amount due to it, and the MoWR’s statement said that a final payment of Rs 63,898 crore is needed.

“We are in discussions with the MoWD to see how much it will be,” said the official, adding that a decision on the repayment will be taken within a few days.